Air Quality Unbearable in Seattle, Giants Come Home to AQI Under 100 for First Time in a Month

The Madness of 2020 continues. The two away games of the home – home series with the Mariners that were to be played in Seattle over the weekend were cancelled due to horrific air quality in the Pacific Northwest. The worst year ever drags on.

The games were moved to Oracle Park where, for the first time in a month, the AQI will be under 100. A record thirty days of Spare The Air Days of unhealthy air come to an end in SF even as our neighbors to the North in Oregon and Washington burn.

It’s terrifically sad. Sigh. My throat still hurts from going out in it over the weekend. I can’t imagine the hell my pal Erik is living in up in Portland. May it come to an end soon.

The Giants will play the Mariners today and tomorrow at Oracle as visitors. Drew Smyly will start today and Kapler says the Giants will be leaning on him a lot in the final two weeks of this crazy season.

Back from injury and performing well, Smyly will be facing Ljay Newsome, the rookie who took a shot on the wrist on a scary comebacker ripped by Brandon Crawford last Tuesday at Oracle and was knocked out of his major league debut.

He will be pitching the bottom half this time as the Mariners will be the ‘home team’ for these two games.

Weeiiiirrrrddd 2020.

Let’s Go Giants!

Be Victorious Visitors in our own park!

Crush the Marineros with a massive wave of Orange and Black runs!

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