False-Positive Covid Test, Good Public Health Precautions, Shatter Giants’ Rhythm Against Possibly Best Team in Baseball

The second game of the 7-inning doubleheader was a well fought battle for five of those seven innings. The Giants played well, scored first, scraped. But in the end it was apparent that the Padres are a much better baseball team.

The Padres made the big, flashy moves they made at the trade deadline not to get national attention or make a stir, but to make a genuine run at the Bums to take the National League West title.

It has been seven straight years the NL West has been won by that blue team from L.A. The Giants have done nothing. The Rockies and Diamondbacks have done nothing to threaten the Nemesis. The last two years, the Padres have made big moves, and at the trade deadline they completed their plans and went all-in.

The Padres mowed over the Giants in all three of these games. 1-6, 0-6 and 2-4. In all they scored 16 runs in 21 innings and held the Giants to 3. They are a stacked line-up with exciting players who are fast and adept in the field. Machado and Tatis, Jr. and others are a joy to watch.

If the Giants are eliminated, I’m pulling for the Friars all the way!

Anyway I called for a 3-1 series win and instead we had two postponements and ended with a 0-3 series sweep loss. Our rhythm is shattered as we go into the travel day.

The heady days of being at .500 are behind us as we travel up to Seattle with hopes of completing the second half of a home-home series sweep, 4-0. So glad we took those first two at Oracle.

I don’t know if we will make the playoffs, but this team has been a fun watch.

Let’s rest Giants!

Take it easy!

Enjoy the day off!

chill in seattle

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