Giants Get Pounded by Padres Then Postponed by Positive Covid Test Befuddling Kruk and Kuip

aaaaaaaargh! Torture.

Juuuuust when we were getting it going.

The Giants were crushed 1-6 in the opener. Cahill still just isn’t ‘there’ yet and got blown up by that volatile Friar lineup. Smyly was very good in relief which was a bright spot, but unlike recently against lesser teams, the Giants bats couldn’t wipe out the deficit.

We would have had Jhonny Cueto on the mound and I had called a 3-1 series win that needed to start with his performance. Then bam! no game. postponed.

The bizarre bit where they had to come out for the “Nine-Eleven” Memorial before they could then suddenly postpone the game minutes before first pitch was typical of 21st Century USA. Let’s just say it: 21st Century USA is a draaaag sometimes.

So then we all stood around wondering what was happening. Listening to Kruk and Kuip, who have often been not good during this experience. I mean, I’m sure they’d admit it. We are all being a little more patient with how stuff runs during Covid. But ugh, these two have had some rough moments this year.

Kruk can you please put away “squaaaaaaaat”? I mean does it have to be every time? I mute the television right after you announce the infield now. I wouldn’t have minded if you peppered it every once in a while with a few “in the crouch” and “catching” and “behind the plate” lineups, but every time?! every single time? That ugly squuuuuuuuack? Also “Heigth” is not a word. It’s “height” pronounced “hite”

Your patter has grown weak, fellas. You’re obsessed with hammering catch-phrases and nicknames and giving and taking credit for championship-era culture over the last decade.

None of that matters. That was The Bochy Era. and what Skip says is interesting, not what you guys repeat ad nauseum with your own labels. Enough repetition of FLUFFY FILLER of The Bochy Era. That’s for conventions, guys.

Be more ‘of the rebuild’ and about Kapler and the current guys. When you do, it’s GREAT. But be like Jon and have stats and information and cool stories that are relevant about current players. Do I have to say this?

Looks like no baseball for the G-men until at least Sunday.




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