Thunk! Krrreeeeee! Krsssshh. Thunk-Thunk!

(this thing on? … sybillance. sybillance.)

Hey everybody, it’s Karthik. (pronounced ‘Car-thick’). You can see me at the 10:05 mark of this video just before Hunter Pence:

and here in 2020, I’ve decided to fire up the ol’ Giants Baseball Corner for the rebuilding process. I’ve been away for a couple of historically bad Giants baseball seasons, but I figure there’ll be a lot of changing information about the orange and black this season as Farhan Zaidi now makes alterations freely and on the fly.

I’m excited for a streak like we had last July, and, nostalgically, for maybe a last chance to enjoy the presence of Pence and Panda with Posey, BCraw and Belt once again.

The NL West is going to be good this year, which is going to make us look even worse, but that’s all right. I am excited to see the Padres and Rockies and DBacks target The Nemesis, and look forward to helping play spoiler for the Bums.

Today at Scottsdale, the Giants hosted MLB Network’s “30 clubs in 30 days” segment – a great chance to hear from the team and players and check out the new and returning pieces.

Farhan Zaidi was on High Heat and there were interviews with BCraw and Posey and Joey Bart and Hunter Pence and Mike Yazstremski.  All credit to MLB Network and their hosts:

I’m the author and editor-in-chief saying

Let’s Go Giants! Vamanos Gigantes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Karthik Rajan

P.S. I’ve added an Instagram @giantsbaseballcorner and will start posting there as well.
















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