Zaidi Picks Up ‘Pen Help for Cash, Lays Back on Trade Deadline

So in the end, the trade deadline passed and Farhan Zaidi made no moves of current Giants or prospects but rather, only made one announcement, late in the day, that he paid cash to the Moneyball-Rays for a lefty to shore up our ‘pen. Subtle.

In Saturday’s Chron John Shea was unequivocal that the Giants should be sellers. @JohnSheaHey listed five reasons why, and they’re good. I would have been willing to let Cueto and a couple of these hot bats we’ve awakened go in exchange for rebuilding elements.

If Mr. Zaidi could rationalize the move, I would’ve accepted it. Wouldn’t have liked losing Wilmer or Donavon or Dubey, and losing Cueto or Yaz would have honestly hurt my heart. I’d have needed to see why clearly, but I’d have accepted it. So if Mr. Zaidi refused offers he felt weren’t worth it and then made one of his two moves he said he was going to make going into the trade deadline – he said he was looking for bullpen help and a bat – I am pretty cool with that.

But it begs the question, well I should say John Shea begs the question, “What are we doing?” Because Mr. Zaidi was supposed to be making the big aggressive moves to make us into something and we are in year three now …

I think Mr. Zaidi likes winter moves. I think he likes not having to deal and I think he wins with the fan base if he doesn’t move new players that fans like – who, by the way are accumulating value by the day.

For the stretch run, I think everyone agrees standing pat was acceptable, and possibly even a good move. Maybe the Pads are the Pads and all their spending and trading culminates in weakening a crew that has been hot together. Maybe the Bums and Pads beat each other up and we slip through to two.

Besides which we have a legitimate shot at one of the extra playoff spots. I know, I know, I know, it feels like a broken record from last year … uh, and the year before … and that has us all a little weary, but this C-19 Season is a wacky thing. It’s an Even Year. I’m in. (I mean literally, my cutout is in Section 127, Row 9)

Let’s Go Giants!!!! I’m pointing at a HR going out.

So much to discuss:

Mike Yastzremski leads the majors in WAR! He is a GREAT all-around ball player, excellent, rangy outfielder who is also patient with power at the plate! wow!

The Donavon Solano 15gm Hit Streak and his BA all season so far, the doubles! They call him Donnie Barrels, I call him Donny Sol de Baranquilla, because he is from Baranquilla, Colombia. love this guy!

Wilmer Flores delivers the long ball! Dubon is getting better by the game.

The season started with errors. Let’s be real, we were the worst defensive team out there before the streak. It was so ugly. But now these young guys are starting to put it together. Some guys are gone and others are sticking. The team is taking shape.

Austin Slater vs. Lefties – TWO Dingers off Kershaw!

Evan Longoria rolling past his 300th Home Run and batting .300+ ball

Brandon Belt heating up with big at bats. The Belt Wars are onnnnnnnn!

Our record against the bums is pretty good. Trouble is we are going to have to beat the Pads to do this.

We are going to have to beat the newly-built, hot-hitting San Diego Padres many times over the next two weeks. Just gotta get it done.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Right now it’ a two game set in Colorado and we have Gausmann going tonight and Cueto tomorrow. These are two road wins we need to separate ourselves from the D-Backs and Rox from here out. Must-wins? nah, but we gotta at least split. I feel confident in Cueto tomorrow.

But can Gausmann and the staff get it done tonight? Hope so. I am going down to Momo’s to watch if you want to join us.

Let’s Go Giants!

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