Covering the SF Giants from 2010 to 2017

Welcome to Giants Baseball Corner

Which was an independent view of the San Francisco Giants – some reporting, some fanposts, some history, some theorizing about management or strategy – between 2010 and 2017, all out of love for the baseball Giants.

It was such a huge relief to finally win it all in 2010 on that crazy ride – in my opinion that’s the word for the first one: “relief” (with a tip o’ the hat to The Freak, The Beard, the Thong and the Rodeo Clown).

If you click around in the archives you’ll find dozens of videos, stills and stories from Giant games over the past several years. Regards that first championship, if you click on November 1, 2010, you’ll find this footage from Civic Center.

and this video of the 2010 parade after we finally won it all for the first time in SF, after coming so close at least a half dozen times over the 20 years previous and nearly losing the team from the city altogether.

The second one should have been 2011 in Buster’s first full season, but the plate collision happened which made the phrase for 2012 “powerful affirmation

We were back and forced to play without the All-Star Game MVP who had tested positive in August and was sent on a 50-game suspension. We released Melky Cabrera and still won.

This one is my favorite. Verlander, turning, watching the second Panda smash go out, saying, “Wow!” and the greatest strikeout in Giants history, Romo throwing a fastball to Miguel Cabrera, the best hitter in all baseball and getting him looking to end the World Series is forever emblazoned in my mind!

(tips to Romo, to the WS MVP 3-Dinger Panda, to the NLCS MVP the Blockbuster (Scutaro in the rain) and Buntmaster Barry Zito’s Championship Performance).

And 2014 will always go down as: “Madbum’s Championship”

with tips to Hunter Pence for powerful motivation and energy, to Ishikawa’s walkoff homer and the crazy 18-inning game in Washington and its heroes Petit, Panik and Belt.

I’m Karthik, Editor-in-Chief, but I’ve often gone by “M.T. Karthik” on the radio – you can call me Karthik or M.T.


Welcome to the Giants Baseball Corner Archive.


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