In First Game in DC, Giants Explode in Second for Seven Runs, Batting Through Order w B-Craw Bookend Doubles; Kapler Calls for Another ‘Bullpen Game’

Giants 7, Nationals 1

nice. I assume you all saw it. It was so cool. Brandon Crawford doubled to start the second, we batted through the order and he RBI doubled to wrap up the scoring with the 6th and 7th runs.

But let’s talk about “bullpen game”

Comcast and their homers are so fail at covering this team with any objectivity. Please STOP blathering what Kap and staff tell you to support like sycophantic idiots. They have been tossing out this phrase ‘a bullpen game’ since Kapler dropped it on ’em in 2020. And they just parrot it with no questions. Tonight Flem said it off the cuff, like we are all just cool with it. Wait, what?

The idea of a ‘Bullpen Game’ is a contentious strategy of sabermetrics and current staff philosophy. Logic is you can win games with the ‘pen. But it means we have no starting rotation. It means we deplete the heck out of the ‘pen. It’s radical stuff.

We have no starting rotation because we refused to pay $130m to a Scherzer. Ok, so we are moneyball now, but come on. What Kap, you’re just gonna wing some games with this motley collection of pitching? And we all just go, “oh yeah it’s just another bullpen game, no biggie?”

Do you just presume Webb is going to give you seven tomorrow? Uh, yeah but what if he doesn’t? Also guessing that the injuries and short spring training is governing a lot of normal operating decisions and I get that, but I really feel uncomfortable with not having a rotation and with playing regular bullpen games.

Last year – our most successful regular season ever – I repeatedly pointed out: ‘We have NO ROTATION’. It wasn’t due to injuries really – it was just how we handled the 162. The idea of a ‘Bullpen Game” is some really new shit. I am sorry to say the homer clowns on broadcast just NORMALIZED it without analyzing it. I find that offensive.

So once again, for those in the back: WE HAVE NO STARTING ROTATION and may not have one til JULY. Or August, Or maybe never. Me and lots of old school fans find this discomfiting. Even though tonight it worked.

The Giants slammed Patrick Corbin for seven runs in the second. Which made this ‘bullpen game’ palatable. We crushed their spirit with early woke bats.

Sammy Long was brilliant as an ‘opener’ – let’s use him as an opener for Disco’s starts. 29-year-old Jakob Benjamin Lee Junis is sure to be the new guy everybody gushes about. (Haven’t read anything yet). And he deserves it – a blowout performance in middle relief.

Yunior Marte continues to impress. Thankfully he closed it out. All this experimenting is exciting, but to old guys like me it feels like standing at the top and edge of a very tall building. You know you are cool but there’s anxiety.


I fear this will end badly.

Ok. G’night.

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