DeSclafani Still Can’t Beat Mets (0/7), Gets Tagged for Nine Hits, Five Earned Runs; Giants Lose Series in New York, 3 – 1, and Steven Duggar to Oblique Strain

Mets 6, Giants 2

This was a rough trip to New York.

We lost starting pitcher Alex Cobb (right adductor strain), and starting outfielder Steven Duggar (left oblique strain). Our staff got hammered by Francisco Lindor who batted 7/19 (.368) over the four game series, scoring three and knocking in three, and by Eduardo Escobar who hit his first homer as a Met and went 6/13 (.462), scoring three and knocking in three. Former Athletic Mark Canha added 3/8 (.375) in the two games he played. They’ve also got Pete Alonso and Jankowski and Robinson Cano … Mets got bats.

Scherzer and Carrasco Sizzle

Newest Metropolitan starter Max Scherzer (7IP, 10K, 1ER, on a one-hitter) and former Roberto Clemente Award winner Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco, returned from surgery to remove a bone fragment from his left elbow, (7.2IP, 7K, 2ER, on a two-hitter), simply mowed the Giants down.

Some Positives

In addition to Rodon and Webb, there are other positives. The Giants were competitive in New York, despite the weather wreaking havoc on the schedule and losing a starter and a starting outfielder early in games in progress. They didn’t get blown out. The bullpen was impressive, if seriously overused in the double-header games we lost; but in the games that were bullpen battles our staff fought hard. We took one of those and nearly managed to take another that ran to extras.

It seems that Mike Yastrzemski 5/15 (.300) might have found his swing in this series. I sure hope so. Joc Pederson went 0/4 twice, but had a great game in the one we won. The Captain, Brandon Belt struggled 2/10 in the series, but did get a hit on his birthday for the first time – a big fly – which was nice. Thairo Estrada has been doing some very good things at the plate and in the field in substitution for Tommy La Stella at 2B. Brandon Crawford has had some key at-bats and has been brilliant in the field as usual.

The Giants are (8 – 5, 4 – 3 away) and have won three of four series to start the season.

Giants Starters After Four Series

Carlos Rodon is the brightest spot among new Giants on the team. He will make a formidable one-two punch with Logan Webb. I’d like to see Alex Cobb moved to third starter when he returns. Losing Alex Cobb for ten days is all right, but if it gets much longer than that, we need to ask ourselves more about this plan to get more players for less money, rather than paying big money for a high-talent starter. Cobb is 34 years old. I don’t think anyone is surprised he pulled up with some kind of strain early on.

Alex Wood does Alex Wood and the Giants can make that serviceable as long as we have bullpen arms available. But if we end up throwing hella pitchers out there on a day before a start by Wood or Anthony DeSclafani we are headed for trouble.

The motto of the site is: It’s not personal, it’s personnel. Last year, I said we should move DeSclafani. I simply lost belief in him for us. I have been wrong before, sure, but he was TERRIBLE against the Dodgers last year – hell he was the Bums’ MVP in several of his starts. It’s okay to have one guy who is not as strong in the rotation, but we need to figure out how to work around his problems.

AGAIN, I advocate for an ‘opener’ for DeSclafani starts. Or deal him to a team where what he does works … like in the AL or something. He has great value. But in seven starts as a Giant against the Mets, DeSclafani has yet to achieve a win. So he is useless against our biggest rival and can’t beat the Mets. I had hoped pairing him with his former Reds teammate Curt Casali would have helped today, but it made no difference. Disco Sucks.

The NL West is even more competitive than last year as the Rockies upgraded and the Padres are starting to play the way they should. There is reason to be concerned with what we have – but not too concerned. We have reinforcements arriving in an orderly fashion.

I expect LaMonte Wade, Jr., to be back in the lineup by the time the Giants get back home. Gabe Kapler has already said lengthy rehab assignments are not as necessary this year – having shown it with Brandon Belt’s return. I’m guessing we will have Evan Longoria back by May 15th and I am hoping we can have Tommy La Stella back by June 15th.

If the Giants can stay competitive and within a game or two of first until these guys get back, we will be all right.

It’s off to Washington to face the Nats!

Let’s Go Giants!

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