Superstitions, Rally Headgear and the 2021 GBC Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Shorthand Used Often on GBC:

Irregular Season – the 60-game, Covid-shortened 2020 season in front of cardboard fans

The Manfred Man – name for the free runner on second in extras in the 2020 and ’21 seasons

College Double-Header – the seven-inning double-headers of the ’20 and ’21 seasons

Maystache – mustache grown in solidarity with Giants who grew mustaches in May ’21

Brace or Two-Fer – the two-game ‘series’ that mlb has recently created

Getting Cained – pitcher holds an opponent to less than three runs and loses because Giants offense can’t produce enough run support

Bums or Nemesis – the national league team in L.A. that plays in a ditch off the 2

Pads or Friars or Fathers – San Diego Padres

Rox or Rocks – Colorado Rockies

Snakes or Rattlers or D-Bags – Arizona Diamondbacks

2021 San Francisco Giants

DJ B-C Raw – Brandon Crawford

Dick – Alex Dickerson

Wo or Wotus – Ron Wotus

Gasman – Kevin Gausman

Sparkles or KB – Kris Bryant

The Man or Late Night LaMonte – LaMonte Wade, Jr.

Dirtbag or Our Favorite Dirtbag – Evan Longoria

El Sol de Baranquilla or Donnie Barrells – Donavon Solano

Silk – Tommy La Stella

The Aruban Stallion – Chadwick Tromp

Gerald Dempsey or Gerald Dempsey Buster – Buster Posey

The Stylish – grey cap bought at the yard in June by mtk and which went 21-6, including rally-capped for five LaMonte Wade comeback wins

Broadcasters and Journalists

The Merc – San Jose Mercury News

The Chron – San Francisco Chronicle

The Big Kahuna or Jon or Hall-of-Fame Broadcaster – Jon Miller

Dave or Flemm – Dave Flemming

Susan – Susan Slusser

O’Shea – John O’Shea

Marty – Marty Lurie

AlPav – Alex Pavlovic

Baggs – Andrew Baggerly

Kruk and Kuip or The Grandpas – Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper

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