Calling D-Span Key-on-tay’s tantamount to calling Sting Gordon

Screeeeeee!! Thonk-Thonk-Thonk!

We are back on the air! … and yes, Mr. Baer, Giants Baseball Corner is ready to get even.

It’s Fanfest today and of course we never get to go to fanfest because we have to hold down the corner … but it’s a great day to clean up around here, dust things off and establish some of our plans and thoughts for the new year. First …


Giants Baseball Corner is placed firmly in the backstop of a National League Rules ONLY park and it will remain so until the end of time.

The most recent, absurdly loud off-season calls for the DH to be forced upon the NL have included many who declare it a foregone conclusion. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.

The NL game is the beautiful game of baseball, a complicated managerial puzzle of strategy, a chess match. Please don’t force the DH on us

Resists the cattle call that claims the DH inevitable for the NL. Recently, I tweeted to a small, group of press asking their courageous support to defend National League baseball and I was really happy that Tim Flannery is on board.

We looked for a good hashtag for this and finally just settled on #NoDH which is concise and precise. But of course, many of us are cool with #FuckTheDH and #OurPitchersRake and others.

We want to build a coalition of friends, fans and press who will help us prevent the destruction of our beautiful game – feel free to refer anyone to @giantsbaseballc orner if they want to strategize further #NoDH.

Welcome D-Span

I am really excited to have Denard Span in center field and leading off. Do welcome him by using his twitter account @thisisdspan. I’ve been reading about him and learned from this 2010 blog interview that he abandoned using his first name when he was a little kid:

DZ: Denard is actually your middle name. What is the story behind that?

SPAN: Yeah, it’s my middle name. Growing up in elementary school – you know on the first day of school the teaches go down the roster – the roll call or whatever – every time she’d come to my name, she’d fumble with my first name. It’s Keiunta (key-on-tay) and the way it’s spelled, it’s tough to pronounce. I think (when) I got to the second or third grade, I got tired of teachers butchering my name. I knew that they would get to the guy right before me – Smith or something like that – I knew I’d be coming up next and I could tell – they’d look at the roll call and their face would get puzzled…as soon as they would even try to say Keiunta – I would say “Just call me Denard”. It just kind of stuck from there.

DZ: Does your mom call you Denard?

SPAN: Yeah, everybody does. Nobody calls me by my first name – a couple of friends would do it as a joke. A couple of female friends in high school.


which led me to our title for the first blog post  2016 at Giants Baseball Corner

Calling D-Span Key-on-tay’s tantamount to calling Sting Gordon

Welcome back, everybody!

Go Giants!

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