I Concede. I’d Rather You Awesome Guys Just Go Out and Enjoy Some Games

Go out and have fun.

It’s a shame the season turned out like it did, but not really.

After a weird-bad opening we OWNED May, June swooned, badassed July, and had the bottom fall out in August – injuries.

But there are so many reasons to be proud.

Special Thank You to Madison Bumgarner You make us all want to play hard,work hard and win. Never Change

Thank you for quietly having your most outstanding season yet. Love your laid-back, get-it-done style. You are the SS.

Wow! What a ride you young guys gave us! Thanks! , and especially and for outstanding play!

Thanks for great stuff this season (good quotes, AlPav) (Get Well, Hank)

I really wish, Aoki-san, we could’ve gotten you, Marlon and a World Series Championship ring. Thanks to all.

Thank you vets , Nori Aoki, , Tim Hudson and especially Marlon Byrd for joining our team, giving your all.

Thank you , , and especially for outstanding play from rookie/first year

Well, we will have won half of the last six world series after this one is played. I’d like to see the Cubs take it all.

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