Concerning the Two Managers in Texas and the Chairman in San Diego, a VIDEO BLOG from mtk

Bruce Bochy, 67, has been hired on a three-year contract to manage the Texas Rangers. Dusty Baker, 73, is about to manage the Houston Astros to the World Series for the second year in row.

Meanwhile, the San Diego Padres, led by Bob Melvin, spent $400 million dollars in three days at the trade deadline to go all-in to beat the Dodgers in the Postseason – and they did!

It’s a complicated moment for Giants fans, some of whom may wonder why our current management hasn’t spent money like the Pads or turned to either Boch or Baker, beloved Bay Area figures, to lead our staff.

This moment bisects the team from every team of the past, or at least since 1993, and confirms us firmly navigated toward statistics-driven management and away from the gut-instincts of men like Bochy, Baker and Melvin.

Already Jeff Young over at Around the Foghorn has felt it necessary to clarify that current management didn’t drive Bochy out. I agree.

So today, here’s a rare GBC video about what I think about this, plus a cool story about meeting Peter Seidler, Chairman of the San Diego Padres:

The Giants are very clear about who they are now, and that who they plan to be is unencumbered by the World Series Championship Era (2010 – 2014) or the Barry Bonds Era (1993 – 2009).

Let’s sign Shohei Ohtani for the rest of his career. Please.

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