Chavez Ravine is Ugly and They Just Spent a Week Lying about How Awesome It Is and Slapping Superficial Lipstick All Over It Like They Do in L.A. – Spiritually Bankrupt Stadium, Morally and Ethically Bankrupt Town, Hiding a Rapist They Hired and Enabled

Chavez Ravine is a shithole built by the Vinnell Corporation who destroyed the lives of itinerant farmers and native americans who resided in terraced farms there for decades, possibly centuries. It is spiritually and physically bankrupt of soul. Built on native land.

I’ve been there. We all have. And because post-covid blah blah we all just spent three days raving about that shithole? Are you kidding me? You wiki it and it’s all just cool now? OMFG

Fuck the Bums.

Fuck Chavez Ravine.

Beat LA.

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I'm the artist and author, MTK
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