Giants Compete Hard Against Central-Division Leaders, But Fall to Brewers in Extra Innings at Home in Fourteenth Straight Game in July

It is Friday, July 15th, and the Giants have played fourteen consecutive games this month and will play three more this weekend before the All-Star break to finally end the Gauntlet II: seventeen games in seventeen days, an exhausting stretch.

They have gone a disappointing (5 – 9) over these fourteen because they got beaten by teams with poor records, but they got two key wins over San Diego. They lost the opportunity to go over .500 for the Gauntlet II with last night’s loss. But it was a hard fought game and the Giants should hold their heads high. I would love to see them fight hard for the series against a very good team.

Last night, at Oracle Park, in the series opener versus the central division leading Milwaukee Brewers (50 – 40), the Giants started Carlos Rodón against the Brewers’ Corbin Burnes. The Giants jumped out to an early 2 – 0 lead in a crazy third inning, when two walks and a wild pitch put runners in the corners and a passed ball scored the first run. Joc Pederson singled in the second run.

The Brewers are a patient, quality team. They immediately addressed being down and clawed their way back into contention. The Giants had to fight them off. Twenty runners were stranded in this game – eight by the Giants and twelve by the Brewers. Giants pitching competed sternly in this one.

In the end a half-swing-bunt that foiled Camilo Doval was the difference. Last year those fell our way, all the way to the greatest regular season record in Giants’ history. This year not so much. We knew there would be fall off. That is what we are witnessing with the defense and weird bloopers this year – we are falling back down to the statistical mean after having an outlier season.

Rodón was very good until a mind-breaking at-bat by Jonathon Davis. Here’s AP:

“In the fourth inning, Jonathan Davis helped wear out San Francisco starter Carlos Rodón with an impressive, 13-pitch, at-bat that ended with a walk. Davis delivered again on a game-winning single six innings later.

Pinch-runner Christian Yelich scurried home for the winning run in the 10th inning on an infield single by Davis that pitcher Camilo Doval couldn’t secure on the grass in front of third, and the Milwaukee Brewers held off the Giants.”

Giants 2, Brewers 3

The Brewers showed their mettle and the Giants lost yet another extra innings game under Gabe Kapler – who has never looked like he has a handle on the way to win with the zombie runner on second in extras. Because everything we do is in the moment, on the day and situational down to the batter and the pitch count, not just the inning, there is no strategy for extra innings with the zombie runner on.

I have watched Kapler and staff mishandle extra innings since 2020, the Irregular Season. He wasn’t a lot better last year. This year it has been worse. So, I cannot imagine he has won more than he has lost. (Somebody look that up – Kapler’s record in extra innings games since 2020, or I will, and this paranthetical will be filled with the actual record later).

That said, the Milwaukee Brewers are a very good team and I was proud of the Giants for fighting hard and having a chance to win it in extras … and in the ninth … and in the eighth.

I have decided to stop recapping play-by-play in games here. I have a small following and I appreciate you, but I am realizing you all have either watched the game or can get the recap elsewhere, so I am going to start throwing a link into the blog post for a recap by AP or somebody else who writes better and then use my blog for analysis and commentary from here on.

Here’s last night’s game.

Let’s Go Giants! Beat the Brewers!

Mop Up the Brew Crew!


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