Giants Win Series 2 -1 in Colorado But Rare Implosion by Alvarez Costs Webb Victory and Giants Sweep

Jose Alvarez was very good last year and has been good this year as well. In his first ten appearances he gave up only one hit and one earned run – against the Padres. It was an insurance run added on to a 4 – 2 Pads victory. Then, back on May 5th against St. Louis, Alvarez got blown up by the Cardinals, who in a third of an inning had three hits and two earned runs off Jose in a 7 – 1 Cards win.

That was exactly his line last night in Colorado: 0.1 IP, 3 H, 2 ER in the eighth. Last night it was the most costly as Jose Alvarez took the loss. It was a tight game until then. Logan Webb went six strong innings and the Giants had given Webb “just enough runs” and held a 3 -2 lead. It was a rough night for Jose that cost us the game.

Rockies 5, Giants 3

Is there something the Rockies learned from the Cardinals about him? Someone should investigate the two games more closely for his appearances – May 5th and 18th – and see if they have something in common.

The Giants went 3 – 3 on the short road trip to St. Louis and Colorado and remain in third place in the NL West with an overall record of 22 – 15.

The Padres and Mets are coming to town, but today is an off day, so …

Rest up, Giants! Do your laundry, read a novel, hang out with the wife and kids.

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