Still No Back-to-Back World Series Champions in the 21st Century

No team has won the World Series back-to-back in the 21st century.

The Yankees ended the previous century with the repeat, but since, no one has won the ultimate series twice in a row. With the elimination of the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series, it is assured not to happen again.

The Dodgers, Phillies, Rangers and Royals all went twice in a row, but none achieved it. The elimination of the Red Sox in the American League Championship Series gives the Giants championships more significance. We won every other year for three championships, ’10, ’12 and ’14. The Boston Red Sox, after finally breaking the curse, have won four: ’04, ’07, ’13 and ’18.

The Braves have not won yet this century. The Astros won their first four years ago, ’17.

World Series 2021: Astros v. Braves

I don’t admire Dusty Baker. There, I said it. The nation fawns and I call bullshit.

But beyond that, I always root for the NL in the World Series because we are the far superior league. I’d like to see Atlanta take one in this century.

The Astros quit the NL. smh. Can’t pull for them.

sigh. okay so …

Let’s Go Braves



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