NLDS Game Five, Dodgers at Giants 10/14/2021, Two of the Five WORST Umpires in MLB are Calling This One

Dodgers at Giants Game Five. Julio Urias vs. Logan Webb for all the marbles. Historic, epic game.

But let’s talk about the umpires. Because two of the five worst umpires in the game today are on the crew for tonight’s epic, historic, critical, season-deciding game five between two teams with the oldest rivalry in all of baseball.

Ted Barrett crew chiefs alongside Doug Eddings, Angel Hernandez, Pat Hoberg, Gabe Morales and Carlos Torres. We don’t know who will be behind the plate because MLB refuses to tell us until the very last second before first pitch. But Barrett was terrible behind the plate on Tuesday night. He was really, really bad.

NBSCBAYAREA powered by fuckfinity wrote, “If it wasn’t for the wind, Ted Barrett’s horrific Game 3 would have been the story of San Francisco’s 1-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3 of the National League Division Series.” in this very illuminating piece.

USA Today called it “absolutely atrocious.” Andrew Joseph goes on: “the home plate umpire had one of the worst nights you’ll ever see in a postseason game.”

According to fansided, who consider him the fourth worst of the five worst umpires in the game today, Ted Barrett “was actually the worst umpire in MLB in 2018, getting over 11.5% of his calls wrong. He is hardly someone who inspires anything close to confidence when he is behind the plate.”

Which brings us to wonder who they considered the worst? You guessed it. Angel Hernandez .. and he is on this crew, too.

“You know you are terrible at your job when that is determined in the legal system. Such is the case with Angel Hernandez. … There are far too many instances to recount all of them. He is horrendous in every aspect behind the plate. A prime example of his inability to call a game correctly came in Game Three of the 2018 ALDS, where four of his calls were challenged in the first four innings, with three being overturned. How he is still allowed on the diamond is a mystery to everyone involved. Angel Hernandez is widely panned as the worst MLB umpire.”

Well, you think, maybe he knows he is under scrutiny now and is better? Well here’s what the Sporting News said about the game he called from behind the plate in this series. “Hernandez was again frustrating fans, players and managers during Game 2 of the NLDS between the Giants and Dodgers on Saturday. He started early by calling a pitch outside the zone a strike on a 2-2 count to Giants left fielder Darin Ruf that set him down.” There’s video of the pitch.

Fansided in a piece entitled, “Angel Hernandez Should Not Be Anywhere Near These Playoffs,” are unequivocal, “Let us not forget what happened when Hernandez finally got his chance at the playoffs. He blew three calls at first in the span of four innings, with a fourth call being challenged but upheld. When one has to wonder what game the umpire is watching, that is not a good sign regarding the competence of the person calling the game.”


so here we go. It’s business as usual Giants fans: the nation hates us, the broadcasters/advertisers want L.A. to win and MLB has saddled us with two of the five worst umpires in the nation.

Let’s Go Giants!

Beat LA!


beat LA

and beat those other guys in blue, too.

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1 Response to NLDS Game Five, Dodgers at Giants 10/14/2021, Two of the Five WORST Umpires in MLB are Calling This One

  1. Gabe Ass Hat Morales. says:

    Well you had it right. But it was the other shit head Gabe Morales who decided to end the game early with a check swing that wasn’t even close. This guy went FULL RETARD with this call and clearly wanted to make his mark on what had been a great game to date. Tip of the cap to you Gabe – hopefully you get the attention you do desperately seek in ruining what would have been an instant classic. I’m not sure any other referee in any sport would have pulled the shit you did. Kudos for showing everyone just how incompetent of a ass hat you really are. Hopefully this crew gets a nice bonus from the Dodgers GM.

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