NLDS Game Three, Giants at Dodgers 10/11/21

Alex Wood named to start

When the Giants signed Alex Wood, one of the most commonly heard praises was that, as a former standout starter for the Dodgers, he’d step up and perform for us against them with an intimate, insider’s knowledge of their lineup. There has never been a more important time than now for him to show it.

Alex Wood’s history, as a Giant and as a “champion,” depends on this performance. After all, he only won the little trophy with the Bums last year, the one for the Irregular Season of 60 games – you know, the one that was one third the size of the real trophy.

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At this point, either Alex or his former teammates have a chance to advance to win the real one, they can’t both do so.

“A quick glance at Wood’s numbers against the Dodgers this season might give pause: A 4.76 ERA in three starts against his old team with a 1.353 WHIP and five home runs allowed. But two of those starts came back-to-back in May, the third in July,” writes Shayna Rubin for Bay Area wire services. Here it is at the Chico Enterprise-Record in an excellent piece out this morning about Wood and his former teammates.

Not Scared of Scherzer

We beat Max Scherzer in the World Series in 2012 when he was a dominant pitcher for the Tigers and I’m sure somewhere within him, he has a grudge about that. Jorge Castillo at the LA Times described that team.

I am not afraid of Max Scherzer and I don’t think the Giants are either. This is one of those games where veterans will make a difference. I feel strongly that Evan Longoria doesn’t fear the 37-year-old righty. I know Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey don’t. I wish we had Brandon Belt, I’d feel a lot more confident. But really, my point here is Max Scherzer, terrifying mutant that he is, instills less fear in our lineup than most.

Bats Need to Wake Up and We Need Base Runners

Around the Foghorn’s Jeff Young’s assessment of Game Two is accurate. When we lose to Urias, we are losing at the plate. We must generate more runs. The epic, historic, league-leading season of home runs has been awesome, but we need to use the basepaths and generate runs through sacrifice, bunts and base stealing. Kapler said we would all be bunting and stealing – I know because KNBR plays a clip of him saying so ad nauseum. But I haven’t seen it in a while. We need that small ball mentality back.

Seize Dodgers Mistakes

It’s Playoff baseball. Details matter now. We have to play tight, crisp baseball and when the Dodgers make a mistake we need to seize that mistake and turn it to our advantage. We did this to win that game where Bellinger winged a ball on the last play of the eighth to allow us to score the go-ahead run. When we are running smoothly, this happens, and when the Dodgers get rattled they fall apart easily. We must be alert to their mistakes and how to take advantage.

Let’s Go Giants!

Beat LA!


Beat LA!

Let’s Goooooooooooooooo!

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