300th Post

Eleven years ago, I came home from a Giants game and wrote up a description of it, and Giants Baseball Corner was born. The Giants had not yet won a World Series in San Francisco. This is my 300th post.

In my lifetime we had been to the world series twice, and lost – swept by the A’s in 1989 – then the horrific fiasco of the Angels Rally Monkey in 2002, and Dusty Baker letting kids run around home plate during the game and then taking the ball from, and giving the ball back to, Russ Ortiz. The one that should’ve been Barry’s.

I’ve been a devoted fan since 1993, when I moved to the city, and the guys played at Candlestick. I’d seen more games there than at the new yard, but that early-August day in 2010 was an incredible battle against the Reds at AT&T Park. The Giants were down 10 to 1 in the fifth inning and came all the way back to take an 11-10 lead in the eighth. No spoilers, go check it out.

84 days later the Giants won the World Series for the first time in San Francisco. For the first time ever, the Mayor (Newsom), and the Board of Supervisors, approved a large screen to be placed in front of City Hall and fans were invited to watch from the plaza. It was an amazing, glorious, exceptional night.

We won the world series twice more of course, all covered here.

I started GBC up again last year after my Dad died and amidst the pandemic because I think I needed it. I needed baseball. I covered the Irregular Season (2020) and The Epic Season (2021) with great joy. The Farhan Zaidi Era has launched now with a year that gives me a feeling that our version of Moneyball not only works, but is working toward sustainable excellence. Gabe Kapler and Scott Harris and the staff of coaches are operating in a more fluid, sabermetric way.

The Barry Bonds Era was my first with the team. The Bruce Bochy Era was next and most successful. Now we have entered The Farhan Zaidi Era. As a South Asian American, I’m very proud of what is happening with his teams. The organizational decisions have been brilliant.

I may quit writing here after this season – I’m too old and I only have a handful of readers. I mean what’s the point? But I wanted to say thank you to anyone who visited this site and read any of my 300 posts about the San Francisco Giants from 2010 – 2021.

Let’s Go Giants!



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