The Greatest Giants Team Anyone Has Ever Seen Sweep Snakes on a Walkoff and Achieve 105 Wins; Lead NL West by Two with Three Left to Play

It’s official. This is the best Giants team I have ever seen.

Having surpassed the 103-win team of the year I moved to the city, the San Francisco Giants have now done something no one alive can say they’ve ever witnessed, 105 wins. As a fan who saw the 103-win team and the current team, I feel tremendous pride in our organization for what we have achieved. This has been a mathemagical ride led by smart, quick and adaptive decision-making by Kapler and his cadre of coaches.

Tonight’s game was emblematic of the season.

We gave a 37-year-old, comeback-story pitcher, whose career was lying on the dustheap of baseball history, a chance to start during the critical last week of the season – against Madison Bumgarner and the D’Backs. Scott Kazmir was beyond awful. We watched in horror as he confirmed for himself over 23 pitches that it’s time to retire. Your career’s over, son. Put the ball down and slowly back away.

To end his outing, Kazmir tried to outrun a batter racing for first in order to step on the bag, when he had the ball already in his glove and was right next to him running up the baseline. All he had to to was touch him with his glove. Brain fart. Runner was safe and Kazmir twisted his ankle. Facepalm. He had gotten one out and given up three runs. It was a good run, Scott, you were a great Oakland Athletic.

But it’s crazy to think that in a down-to-the-wire, 105-win stretch run against the Dodgers – who are STACKED with expensive players – we turned the ball over to Kazmir to start the game. It speaks to how the season has been orchestrated.

Kapler and company have never had a starting rotation. They blew past the concept of an “opener” straight to the idea of planned “bullpen games,” which is mindblowing to anyone who saw the 103-win team in 1993. After Kazmir’s collapse, this one was much like the other bullpen games:

Rogers (W, 7-1)2.020001026-182.25
a team effort

The Giants used ther bats to chip and claw their way back, as they have all year long. Then Brandon Crawford hit a home run off Madison Bumgarner to tie it, 4 – 4. It was sweet and filled with poetry. And finally, Late Night LaMonte hit a walkoff infield single to win it, which had its own poetry.

The Giants just accomplished back-to-back sweeps of the Rockies in Denver and the Snakes at home. This is the greatest season in San Francisco Giants history and now equals the win-total of the best season from the time when the Giants were in New York (105 wins in 1905).

The Dodgers swept the Padres, meanwhile, and amazingly, could still yet win the division. The Giants magic number shrinks to two. We’ve just gotta take two from the Pads this weekend at home. It’d be great if the Brewers could take one from LA and help us out by cutting that to one. It has been an incredible year for the Dodgers and Giants, and the rivalry comes down to maintaining excellence in the last weekend of the season – perfect.

2021 NL West Standings

San Francisco10554.660W6
LA Dodgers10356.6482W4
San Diego7881.49127L6
best in the country, down to the wire

Let’s Go Giants!

Take Two from the Pads!

Let’s get the division!

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