first to 90 wins.

The San Francisco Giants were the only opposing team to sweep the Rockies in Colorado, and in doing so became the first to 90 wins. This means the Giants were the first to 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 wins in the 2021 season.

The Giants also completed the longest consecutive games stretch of their season in Denver, a gauntlet of sixteen games in sixteen days, in which they swept the Mets and Rockies on the road, took two of three – and critically the season series – from the Dodgers, and lost three of four to the Brewers at home and two of three to the Braves in Atlanta.

They went (10 – 6) in this set of games, which means this was the stretch of games during which the Giants went from 80 to 90 wins. During it, they lost the lead in the NL West and the overall lead in the majors for the briefest time, a half a day.

They lead the majors in record (90-50), and home runs, and have for months.

When they were most expected to fade from contention, the Giants picked up the ten games between first to 80 and first to 90 wins on a grueling stretch.

I covered this tough gauntlet of games here as


Let’s Rest Giants!

Finally, a day off.

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