Giants Take Series from Dodgers and Lose First of Three to Little, Passionate, Powerful Altuve; PLUS – a Note on Cheering and Booing

It was a great day to be at the park as the Giants tied the season series with the Dodgers with a dominant performance, a shutout led by Johnny Cueto and finished by the bullpen. Our seats were fantastic, best I have ever enjoyed.

There was a moment when LaMonte Wade, Jr., came up to bat and it was relatively quiet. I had been waiting for this moment because I have really enjoyed LaMonte’s play these last few weeks. He has been exceptional. So, I stood up and very loudly yelled right to him, “You’re the Man, LaMonte. LaMonte, You’re. The. Man!” Everybody heard it. We were sitting just 20 rows back from home plate.

Some in our section reacted – tittered and laughed – some clapped. One guy said, “That’s right!” I timed it right and have a very loud voice, so it is a precise cheer. Seconds later, the next swing of the bat, LaMonte roped an RBI double up the gut of the defense. It was his first hit against a left hander, ever. I mean, career first.

It felt great and my whole section congratulated me. Several said it was because of me, to which I kept replying congratulate him! But that’s how I like to cheer at the game – specific. targeted. loud. positive. Giants 5, Dodgers 0.

The Giants have now tied the season series with the Bums 8-8 with one three-game series left to play at Oracle – on Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd, 4th and 5th.

By contrast a lot of fans last night took a different approach.

The Astros came into town for their first appearance at Oracle since the 2019 season and the boo-birds with long, enraged memories of the cheating scandal were in full force. Unfortunately, it had the reverse effect, motivating Jose Altuve to rip two home runs, the second a grand slam that would put the Astros lead out of reach.

Altuve was emotional. They booed him and Correa loudly and relentlessly. He started the night with a single. Then he struck out. He walked back to the dugout and smashed his bat violently against the dugout rails and floor. Then he proceeded to hit two homers and decide the game, ending three for six with two home runs, one the grand slam that broke it open, and had five RBIs.

I’m loud at the game, but I make specific cheers and chants. I don’t just boo players. I yell specific things at them. Usually I yell positive things at our guys, rarely negative things at theirs. Last night was a great example of why. The booing motivated him. It didn’t work. It had the opposite effect. So why are you still doing it? He clearly thrives on the emotions the booing creates. You happy today? You boo-ed him all night and he beat us soundly. Giants 6, Astros 9.

There is always a let-down game after a Dodgers series this season, almost like a breather for the Giants. It’s okay. An interleague series has even less importance in the standings. But in the World Series we could meet these guys. We really don’t want to be helping them do we?

At the end of the game Altuve and Correa shared a long, meaningful hug on the field. I know the booing gets to them, but it is having the opposite effect during the game. These guys thrive on it. So … uh, maybe quit?

THIS ISN’T NEW YORK. IT’S NOT BOSTON. IT’S NOT TEXAS – why act like those basic, half-wit apes? Let’s elevate, positively, to victory – chill wesside-style. This is SF baby, whose got it better than us? Nobody.

So if you need to vent, write and comment all you want about the Trashstros, the cheaters. But if the booing at the yard isn’t working, give it a rest.

When you think about it, booing like that: loudly, indiscriminately in rage about something a team did four years ago, is, ultimately, selfish.

Let’s Go Giants! Beat the Trashstros! Pound the cheaters!

Be bigger and better than them!

Beat Houston!

Go Giants!

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