Giants Stake Logan Webb Seven Runs in Four Innings; Webb K’s Seven, Walks None, Allows One Hit Over Five for Win

This one was nutty. Justin Turner doubled in Lux to give the Dodgers a 1-0 lead in the first. The Giants then delivered a hit parade against Urias to take the lead on a two-run Dubon single in the second.

But horrifyingly, Donavon Solano had back-to-back errors at second base in the bottom of the second allowing Urias to drive in another run. It was ugly. Urias, who drove in three runs up at Oracle in a dominating performance last week, now has four RBIs against the Giants.

That’s a pitcher, folks, a Dodger pitcher, who came into our house, kicked our ass from the mound and drove in three runs himself as he cruised. (#FuckTheDH). There was shared beef among the Giants over that drubbing and now Solano’s errors allowed Urias another RBI?!?

The guys had a meeting on the mound after Donnie Barrels’ errors to encourage Solano to shake it off – and, did he! Solano ripped a two-run homer in the bottom of the second to erase the run his errors allowed and add to the Giants lead. The Giants then went on a three inning tear against Urias, driving in three more runs and chasing him from his worst start of the season: 7-2 Giants after five.

Webb was crisp over five and retired the last eleven batters he faced. But Gabe Kapler said in advance of the game that Webb, coming back from injury, would be on a 65-70 pitch limit. It was frustrating to watch as he sent in Scott Kazmir for the sixth when Webb had been so hot.

Kazmir is a 37-year-old former all-star trying to make his second comeback, who hadn’t made a major league start in five years until his start for the Giants against the Dodgers just last week. He gave up a homer to Max Muncy that chased him from that game.

With Webb on a pitch count limit, Gabe Kapler gave the ball to Scott Kazmir. Who would the first batter he faced be today, his next outing? Max Muncy. Very interesting managerial decision, albeit with a five run lead: threw him out at his demon immediately, on purpose.

They practically “called it on Baseball Night in America” and he homered again. Max Muncy has our number, and he has ownage of Kazmir. Kazmir ended up giving up two runs as did Alvarez who followed him. The Dodgers were within striking distance twice. Ugh, our ‘pen.

I think I get it: Kapler is trying as hard as he can to get these relievers tense opportunities so they can get better as the season goes on. With a big lead, he risked giving these guys a shot.

But that’s also because this is still a competition for jobs … in late May.

Moneyball morphs Spring Training into a pool of players moving up-and-down, possibly ’til mid-June. Maybe, kinda, all year.

I do expect a short leash from Zaidi upstairs for consistent failures, otherwise what’s the point of risking these leads? But I understand that more people get chances to compete for jobs under moneyball. It’s just hard as a fan, still, for me to get used to.

Powerfully, the Giants bats earned the breathing room to mitigate bullpen failures, scoring eleven runs before it was all said and done, and consistently protecting the lead.

Longo, Yaz and Duggar remain hot. Matt Wisler, who has struggled mightily in relief, came in and shut down the Bums with four Ks over the last 1.2 in a non-save situation. That was GREAT to see.

Giants 11, Dodgers 6

Webb got the win (4-3), Urias took the L (7-2) and all of a sudden the Giants have back-to-back wins at Chavez Ravine going into today’s match up between our ace Kevin Gausman and Clayton Kershaw. Wow. I had hoped for a split in L.A. and we have a shot at a series win!

Let’s Go Giants!

Beat LA!

Beat LA!

Beat LA!

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