Leading National League West by One Over Pads, Two Over Bums, SF Giants Welcome Weekend Challenge by Nemesis; Giants. Dodgers. Game One.

Giants. Dodgers.

Regarded as one of the most competitive and longest-standing rivalries in American baseball, with some observers considering it the greatest sports rivalry of all time, says wiki.

Fans of both sides, each and all, have memories of great contests from our eras – for the generation before mine it’s the ’51 pennant race and the shot heard round the world – for many my age, one of the worst was the gutpunch loss to end ’93. One of the greatest, the two-game sweep in ’97. We remember the games we attend aganst our nemesis with historical reverence for thousands of contests between our organizations and the remarkably level running totals.

The Dodgers and Giants played each other for the first time on April 18, 1884, in an exhibition game won by the Giants, 8-0. The first meaningful game between them was October 18, 1889 at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan; that’s from a whole site dedicated just to the rivalry. I encourage all fans of both teams and all baseball fans to check it out.

But this season we have yet to play! It took a month and a half for our first match up, this weekend at Oracle. Then we play them nine times over the next two weeks.

This is the Giants first test as NL West Division leaders. In the parlance of drag racing we put the hole shot on the division and now we see whether we can legitimately compete and be a season-long threat to take first. The Giants are perfectly positioned to win this series and with determination and effort could sweep.

Our starting pitchers are exactly in the order we want them: Alex Wood, Kevin Gausman, Anthony DeSclafani. The storyline tonight is Wood versus his old team (they’ll be giving him his Irregular Season Champonship ring when we go down to SoCal next week) and versus Trevor Bauer, the high-ticket offseason acquisition and social media lightning rod.

Several key bats are back from IR: Mike Yasztremski, Alex Dickerson, Donovan Solano and we are coming off a four game road sweep of the Reds that ended in an explosion of 19 runs. Brandon Crawford is hot. Brandon Belt is rested. Buster is popping. Ruf looks good, Slater and Duggar are hitting.

The Bums are without Cody Bellinger and Clayton Kershaw is out of sequence, but they are coming off a home sweep of Arizona and they open the series at Oracle behind Trevor Bauer followed by Walker Beuhler and Julio Urias. They are still the Irregular Season champs, and are loaded for bear as the highest payroll in the majors by more than 20%. They outspend us by $66 million dollars.

Let’s Go Giants!

Sweep L.A.

Beat L.A.

smack the Bums around!

bust out the brooms

Sweep L.A.!

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