It’s HOT in the City, Take the OVER – Giants Hope Cueto Stays Dominant and Giant Bats Wake Up

The highlight of this weekend so far was the back-to-back first triples by back-to-back rookies, who were also the 8th and 9th batters on the lineup card. Joey Bart and Mauricio Dubon inked their names into the lovely pages of SF Giants history books, but sadly for naught, as the G-men dropped the game.

The bullpen is a hot mess and I want to blame Trevor Gott and Sam Coonrod, but I was dissuaded from doing so in Friday night’s loss by Marc, who pointed out that the 3-Batter Rule may have been more responsible. If Kapler had walked Blackmon, the situation may have played out more favorably.

Kapler has been a puzzle to me. His in-game management hasn’t any feel. It’s mostly because I’d gotten used to the weird, often-irritating, yet ultimately masterful, in-game management of Boch.

But it is also because Kapler’s decision-making feels so statistical, mathematical, sabremetrick-y. There’s a rationale for everything. It’s like we got robot-management BEFORE robot umps.

I wanted to sweep the D-Backs, but that first loss in this ‘four-game series that matters so much to our chances to make the playoffs,’ collapsed in another bullpen implosion. We barely held on to win last night.

It’s HOT in the City. Today’s day game should be HIGH-SCORING. I want the most of those runs to be ours. But the torture now is the ‘pen.

I am not sure Kapler and this crew can hold any lead. Partly because Kapler’s decision-making is so strategically stat-based and partly because guys have been trapped by the 3-Batter Rule and partly because Gott and Coonrod have straight blown it.

Also, the City is full of potentially Covid-19 carrying tourists this weekend. I’m not going down to Momo’s after all. Don’t want to risk getting ill or help spread C-19.

Let’s Go Giants!

Beat the Snakes!

Down the D-Backs

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