Who will be our Scutaro, Ross, or Peavy This Year?

The Trade Deadline is 11 days away and it is clear the Giants, like many other teams, need a consistent reliever who can close. But I think we also need another bat even though Panik, Pence and Duffy are coming back. I would love to pick up a DH-style bench bat that can produce runs. If it’s an outfielder, even better.

Who will these players be?

Well, the Marco Scutaro or Cody Ross or Jake Peavy of 2016 will likely NOT be Aroldis Chapman as it looks like the efforts of the Cubs or Nationals are more intensely focused than ours to get him.

Evans was on Buster Olney’s podcast and said they’re actively scouting in Philadelphia and New York and elsewhere looking for the reliever, but that most of baseball is doing the same. He also said the Giants would have to find someone better than what we currently have for us to make a move. This is going to take some effort to pull off.

Grant Brisbee listed whom he thought qualified as better than what we have over at McCovey Chronicles on Monday:

  1. Aroldis Chapman
  2. Andrew Miller
  3. Dellin Betances
  4. Alex Colome
  5. Ryan Madson
  6. Ryan Dull
  7. Will Smith
  8. Arodys Vizcaino (DL)
  9. Hector Neris
  10. Tyler Clippard
  11. Daniel Hudson

“Maybe add in Huston Street and/or Joe Smith if you’re still a believer, but you get the point. Some of those up there are stretches. Some of them, like Dull and Betances, probably aren’t even available because they’re young and cheap. And because I’m a moron, I’ve almost certainly missed a couple. Still, that’s close to the full list of pitchers I might trust more than Hunter Strickland, Derek Law, and Sergio Romo in the eighth inning. That’s 18 teams looking for impact relief help and maybe — maaaaaaybe — 11 relievers who qualify. – GB”

He goes on to argue that Giants don’t seem to have enough to deal to beat out some of the other teams that are looking for relievers as well.

It is a conundrum.



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