The GBC Reader, Issue Seven: Proof Positive This Is a Better Way to Post and … 69!

Much has happened, dear reader, since we last left our intrepid heroes facing the absence of Hunter Pence for two months.

After a smashing May for the second year in a row, the Giants opened June with two losses and there was a palpable Swoon/Gloom vibe that needed conquering.

Strangely, the conquering came during one of the losses … in the form of Brandon Belt finally achieving the long-anticipated Splash Hit 69.

It was, in a word, glorious.

The guy who jumps in the cove and grabs the ball from …. was it Splash Hit Steve, Dave? I don’t even know, but the story of long awaited SH69 lived up and then some. Everybody’s favorite number – men, women, straight and gay alike – was amidst a crazy week of SF Giants action.

We are on a 5-game win streak and at one moment we were SIX games ahead of the nemesis in first place in the NL West. Cueto has been masterful and has achieved 10 wins. MadBum rolls on like a machine on the mound and winning games at the plate. Samardzija has struggled lately but is generally on top of his game. Peavy has picked up his game with four straight strong starts and the relievers are responding well to relief by committee.

I want to take a minute to commend the improvisational skills of Bruce Bochy. It is one thing for us to proclaim him a Hall of Fame manager, it is another to see him do this time and time again and realize we are witnessing WHY he is a HoF manager.

Bruce Bochy and staff have been precisely improvisational in the three World Series Championship years. Forced to deal with crazy circumstances – Melky’s sudden banishment, closer-by-committee, Huff’s bunt.

I’m amazed this year that the improvisation seems ahead of the curve – we get Pence back in August when it matters; we’re exploring how to fill the Cain injury gap, bringing guys up for experience.

How has there not been a feature on Bruce Bochy, Rags, Wotus and co.? Personally I think the guy to do it is Flan and the network is MLB. I want some respect for what we have achieved these seven years and I don’t think they get it yet, but I know Flan could explain.

I also want to be distinctly clear about this MadBum in the HR derby nonsense. the Home Run Derby is a circus act that makes money for MLB and the broadcasters. I don’t watch it now and I absolutely don’t want Madison Bumgarner to risk injury to make money for MLB and Fox or whomever.


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