GBC Off Day FLASHBACK: Opening Day 2016 at the Yard

Another new feature at GBC this season is a FLASHBACK day on SF Giants off days.

Today’s feature is our delightful opener at the yard vs. the nemesis. I’m just going to stack up a bunch of short form videos and at the end drop in the three long form ones of our view of the day.

Here’s all that, in approximate chronological order. Enjoy. Love, MTK


D-Span’s first Home RBI as a Giant

G-men take the lead, courtesy Joe Panik

and here is the LONG FORM stuff … but I think section two is wrong … but what is on there is a score in which there is a slide at the plate and I can’t find the clip now … so …

Definitely Part One and Three are cool.

Part Two: the one I think is wrong ..

and Part Three which includes Tony Bennett loosely in the background …












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