Screeeeee! THONK, THONK! This Thing On? Time for 2015 World Series Stretch Run!

Welcome Back to Giants Baseball Corner, I’m MTK. In case you don’t know us, here‘s the way you might, mine’s the first voice you hear in that episode.

Another roller-coaster first half but this year ending with a sweet streak that runs well into July. Buster being Buster leads the G-men in HRs, RBIs and average. But the thrilling surprise is the sustained excellent play of Matt Duffy, Joe Panik and Brandon Crawford – particularly at the plate in light of the loss of Aoki and Pence for weeks.

Our starting five pitchers, with Cain and Peavy back, show intense potential – only Hudson’s wear-and-tear cause concern. Chris Heston just keeps rolling. The rookie no-no hasn’t been seen for the Giants since way back in the last century and he shows consistent command.  The idea of Petit, Vogey and Lincecum as long relief is just laughably great.

The bullpen was rocky but we discovered Josh Osich amidst that, too – a big lefty who is cool under pressure, his debut start – first batter! – was Bryce Harper with runners on in the 8th inning and he and Susac popped him up. (Go Beavers!)


Actually …


My first dream is

That the bats and defense just mentally decide that they are going to win all the rest of Madison Bumgarner’s starts, helping him to go 21-5.

Then we would demand they give him the NL Cy Young because he is the most feared pitcher in all of baseball and it’s the only award he doesn’t have yet.

My second dream is

That the San Francisco Giants end the season with FIVE guys hitting over .300

At the moment Aoki, Posey, Panik, Pence, Crawford and Pagan are in the mix.

My third dream is

We Seize The Division from the nemesis and avoid the play-in game.

I figure if we go 44-20 from here out and especially sweep the brew crew this week, we can get ahold of first in the NL West and never let go.

You may say I’m a dreamer … but I’m not the only one.

Let’s Go Giants

#SweepTheBrewCrew #MopUpTheBeer #SeizeTheDivision #BeatLA

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