If You’re a Giants Fan, This is for You. Game 7 World Series 2014

I saw last night coming in the exact same way I saw us “losing one of three at home” to these guys. I saw it because unlike Texas and Detroit on this stage, these guys are hungry, fierce and fast as lightning.

There are no balls that runaway from them in their park.

These guys are GOOD.

If, before I go on, you’re in an argumentative mood or feel like trolling, do not continue reading here until you have at least read Grant Brisbee, whose piece “Giants, Jake Peavy force Game 7,” is the single best piece on the internet on the matter.

It cuts to the points and covers most of the major issues. It is the single piece capable of getting our immense and highly emotional fan base into a sharper, more receptive mode today for what is to come tonight. It crosses generations and media.

For years, Brisbee does what newsprint can’t, what radio is incapable of, and has been what Comcast longs to be, but can never be because of how obscenely, filthy rich they are thanks to our team, and our fans, and who, thus, run things.

Brisbee does what bloggers long to do better than most of them can dream, and so they jealously put him down. I will pick up where he left off.

Jake Peavy, the new guy, went into that game without our trademark humility and cool. He let his kids talk about how they were going to buy a cable car when we won and, being new to our way of doing things from a media town like Boston, he acted way too cool pre-game in general (hugs with Big Papi … uh, why?).

I tried not to be negative before the game:  this was as confident as I could possibly be about the guy after what I saw on media day.

The play where he is yelling at Belt to throw it home was the ultimate in blowing your cool. I was disappointed, but I understood it must be incredible pressure.

I only wish Brandon had the quick presence of mind to flip that to Joe – what the hell, though, it was happening pretty fast.

But honestly, thank you, Jake. The pressure was enormous on you this season coming over to our team and you rocked!

It was a rough outing and a terrible context to be thrown into. Add to the situation the death of Tavares and the young emotional man on the mound, Ventura, dedicating his performance to his recently departed friend, and you have a nightmare situation.

Thank you for the game against the Nationals and your earnest, competitive fire.

This season, Jake Peavy did good things, and in some cases great things, coming in as a quick replacement for the sudden departure of our Big Horse, Matt Cain. But I refuse to agree with those who demand we blindly say, “we wouldn’t be here without him.”

He would not be here without us, is more appropriate.

He is a guy Brian Sabean chose on short notice to replace one of the best right-handers in the game, a guy our whole starting pitching rotation was begun with, and he did an admirable job.

Thank you Jake, again. Forgive me for being impatient. I cannot wait for Matt Cain’s elbow chips business to be completely healed.

As I said yesterday morning:

The AL is a different animal though and you have to stay crisp, sharp and on top of it against these hustling Royals. Their speed is crazy and they can hit. They haven’t been hitting, but they can hit. Which makes ‘em even more dangerous. Backs against the wall and due.

I am excited we’re starting Tim Hudson tonight. I trust Huddy and I dream of a storybook ending to his long and successful career as a starting pitcher in the major leagues. He has survived and indeed thrived to become the winningest pitcher active by exhibiting exquisite command and a level head under pressure.

A silver lining is our lineup got to go through that game last night as an ice breaker and I believe we will all be far more prepared for the atmosphere at KC tonight.

If we really want to be considered a Dynasty, if we really believe we have a right to elect Bruce Bochy to the Hall of Fame, tonight is when it should happen. We need to get the mental toughness, have the confidence to play our game and win it.

We have the better squad. Their pitcher is hittable. Victory can be ours.

Victory should be ours.

I honestly hope we play our best ball, because if we do, I am sure they cannot beat us. They rely on speed and hustle to ensure they make few mistakes. They capitalize on getting ahead before the 6th so they can shut it down.

We have the weapons to defeat that philosophy.

I honestly believe Tim Hudson could have the game of his life tonight and I wish him and his family all the best in the world win-or-lose.

The Bay Area loves you, Tim, and we believe in you because you have earned our trust.

In fact we admire you a great deal: your efficiency on the mound this season has been at times stunning.

This game in particular … You were one pitch from a complete game with ten pitches an inning. Wow, just, wow.

You and your family have been a welcome addition to our locker room and stadium and community. Thank you.

Good luck.


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