More SF Giants Hashtags, Nicknames and Errata for the Dictionary

Alex Pavlovic recently had the temerity to create a Giants World Series Dictionary. Picking up on his work, I thought I would add these notes on Giants Culture:

  • We have one thing of grave importance left on our list and that is to beat the New York Yankees in the World Series for, that is to say, on behalf of, Willie McCovey.
  • #25GuysOneCommonGoal comes from the sign in the dugout before you walk onto the field which reads “25 Guys One Common Goal: Win Today” in all 90’s, cheesy MS-Word style and looks like this 25guys
  • Jean Machi should NEVER be called “Mean Jean Machi” because his name isn’t pronounced “Gene.” It is pronounced the French way “Jzawn” like Jean Valjean. The preferred nickname for Jean Machi is #TheGasman
  • Santiago Casilla may be referred to as “#Cadillac” or “#CasillaLater”
  • Sergio Romo is known as “#ElMechon,”which means “The Lock” because his job is to lock it down.
  • Javier Lopez our #LOOGY (which means Lefty One Out GuY) has a mantra when under stress. He says he is “focused on the relentless flow of the positive river.” … which is awesome.
  • #ChampionshipBlood #ChampsBlood or #ChampionBlood are all acceptable hashtags for what the San Francisco Giants have.
  • #MadBum is a nickname I actually believe  I coined in the summer of 2010, when I said it on KNBR early, early, early on. (I have the tape) I regretted it almost immediately … ’cause this kid is no Bum. But it stuck. Madison Bumgarner may also be referred to as #BigCountry ’cause he is a big, ol’ country boy man.
  • When Bochy makes decisions  on-the-fly about whom to use situationally out of the bullpen we call it “Relief by Committee.”
  • Hunter Pence may be called #Underpants because Krukow’s grandkids thought that was his name when he first joined the team.
  • Also, when Pence first joined the Giants, he began with a hitless streak for several games. Finally, at the top of the dugout before going out for an at-bat, he told Bruce Bochy, “You know, I have gotten a hit in this league.” He then went out and eeked a single from a smash infield hit on pure, crazy, gangly hustle.
  • HoF Baseball Announcer Jon Miller is known as #TheBigKahuna
  • It was Barry Zito who named Pablo Sandoval “The Kung-Fu Panda”
  • #KungFuPanda should start trending … that would be good.
  • Ryan Vogelsong used to consistently eat Chicken Enchiladas and told us as much after we won the first world series. Now he apparently likes Burgers and Spaghetti.
  • This. Team. Doesn’t Quit.

The following #hashtags have been submitted by Candlestick Will

#TogetherWeAreBrandon – this amalgam of the Together meme and the Brandons took full force when we fielded three Brandons in the infield Crawford, Hicks and Belt

#ChampionsBlood- in a speech Bochy gave to this team, he told them they have Champions Blood from being tested in the playoffs for several years now and coming out on top.

#RallyIshi self explanatory

#RallySnotRockets Madison Bumgarner fires snot rockets. It’s just a thing he does.

#RallyPeavy #RallyHuddy #VogelStrong #FreeTimmy #JavyStrut are for some of our hurlers

#RallyScud when some of those same pitchers decide the game ought to be played more like cricket they fire scuds.

#RallyBalls #HunterPenceSigns #MagicWondoo #AirPence #ShutdownInning #BambinoTimeare I will let @CandlestickWill explain.

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  1. mtk says:

    #TogetherWeAreBrandon #RallyIshi #RallySnotRockets #RallyPeavy #RallyHuddy #VogelStrong #FreeTimmy #JavyStrut #RallyScud #RallyBalls #HunterPenceSigns #MagicWondoo #ChampionsBlood #AirPence #ShutdownInning #BambinoTimeare all added by Will Candlestick @CandlestickWill

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