That Nagging Half Game

Hey everybody. Well it’s been a month since I could blog …


I mean what a shitty month. of June. The last words I wrote, June 5th were:

“The Giants look really good. The road trip was 4-2 and we return now for a ten game home stand. Looking forward to thrashing the Mets this week.”

and we did. We swept the Mets (remember that?). Except immediately thereafter we went into










and are now a half game back of the Dodgers.


No wait.

the Dodgers are off so we can make it up tonight!

only …

we have to beat the A’s.

who just made their trade of the year and are smoking hot with the second best record in all of baseball.

All I want is that nagging half game erased.  I don’t mind being tied with the Dodgers temporarily, but I don’t want to be a halfgame back.

Vogey, please make it happen. #RallyVogey #rallyenchiladas


(UPDATE: we lost. But it wasn’t Vogey’s fault. silent bats. Opponent’s the hottest team in baseball)


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