Giants Lose Two in a Row, Series in Pittsburgh

Game One of this series was one of the craziest games ever witnessed. 13 innings of scoring and hits which end on an RBI bunt by the winning pitcher Jean Machi. I can’t even get into it here, but it was an epic win. Giants 11, Pirates 10 in 13.

That crazy game was, sadly, followed by two losses in which the Giants bats went back to sleep. The Game Two loss was due to instant replay review allowing a game-winning run to score when the play was called out at the plate. Giants lose 1-2 on the first ever replay walkoff.

The Game Three loss was a Tim Lincecum debacle in which he gave up 4 and we weren’t able to score more than 3. Belt did hit a homer though to continue the Brandon Belt Parade O’ Homers around the major league ballparks of the United States and Canada. He has hit a home run in every ball park the Giants have played in this year.

Giants thus lose the series to the Pirates 1-2

Now it’s off to Los Angeles to do battle with  the nemesis, with the division-lead on the line. Vogey is up first facing Beckett, so don’t get your hopes up. We’ll see if the back-to-form Vogelsong is for real, I suppose. Sure would be nice to get some of those home runs going again.

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