Home Sweep of the Hapless Nemesis (3-0)

That was a great way to close out the Dodger series. I do think it’s important to remember it wasn’t that long ago the mojo was all with LA. Long time fans of the Giants know how frustrating it was. But now, and I say it with pride …


This series, at home, more than any, gave me the feeling we’re champs and can stay champs. The Dodgers suck, but we were forced to play long and tight and to beat their ‘pen, and we did it clean and neat.

The comeback that ended in Quiroz’s walk-off was emblematic of our team philosophy. Marty said, “Like 2010, every night a hero,” and it was never more true.


Matt Cain finally got a win for the starters and his first of the year. Zito went toe-to-toe with Kershaw. Ryan Vogelsong got jacked for 7 earned runs, but the team battled like mad to win and the bullpen held it down in relief.


relievers saved the day. Santiago Casilla was HUGE in Saturday’s double come-from-behind win. Our bullpen got the job done. I love Machi, who has stepped in and up.


Who’d a thunk it? The Giants bats are HOT. Pablo, Pence, Posey, Blanco, Torres – the hit parade continues.

The Dodgers Series had a tight defensive matchup ending in walk-off, and a back-and-forth contest that ended in an extra inning walk-off, and finally The Big Horse, Matt Cain holding it down.

Let’s go Giants! Eat Up Philly!

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