Lincecum and the System to Perfection, Giants Win 2-0

Tim Lincecum mowed down the Padres through six and 2/3, striking out eight, looking very much like the Cy Young Award winning Timmy. Bochy was crisp with his leash in a 2-0 ballgame, pulling Tim with two out and two on in the sixth. Mijares got the last out on a deep pop fly to left, and he and Santiago Casilla set up Sergio Romo, who picked up his Major-League leading eighth save (8-1).

The only runs in the game were the result of a 2-run homer by Pablo Sandoval that just got out of the park.

The formula is simple and when applied effectively, beautiful.

1. quality starting and stable relief pitching

2. sharp defense

3. situational hits for “just enough” runs

4. take advantage of opponents mistakes

Tonight the formula was executed to perfection.

Way to go Giants!

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