Tim Lincecum Analysis Articles Collected in One post


Tim Kawakami added this after Timmy’s start, but it’s a good read


Tim Lincecum’s season debut evokes ink including national press like Senior Baseball Columnist Scott Miller at CBS and ESPN’s David Schoenfield calls it an important start. but Bay City Ball’s excellent two pieces analyzing Lincecum’s numbers over the past few years are best

about what to look for tonight


about fastball speed’s decay

Alex Pavlovic’s take in the Merc is here,

McCovey Chronicles post by Bisbee is here and some guy called Dylan Kruse adds drama with Tim Lincecum a Giant Question … in that rag the Examiner

I’ll add links to this post as they appear.

But for now, #RallyTimmy Go Giants! #BeatLA

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